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2021 State Jr. League Participants

Boys State 1

Left to Right: Logan Martin, Teyton Sander, Jacob Trowbridge, Brody Feldmann

Boys State 2

Left to Right: Brody Sonntag, Lucas Smith, Carter Reopke, Robert Winkel

Boys State 3

Left to Right: Markus Prigge, Aaron Federwisch, Trevor Awe, Brayden Smith

Boys State 4

Left to Right: Caleb McClurg, Alex Trowbridge, Levi Kesler, Parker Annis

Girls State 1

Left to Right: Madison Awe, Grace Schmidt, Kylie Sander, Hayden Davis

Girls State 2

Left to Right: Kaitlyn Kesler, Caitlynn Paulson, Tristyn Dirks, Taylor Dirks

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